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Our support team test new innovations and technologies in order to stay one-step ahead of assailants. We know the importance of home security and go to great lengths to achieve success.


As well as manned physical deterants such as residential security and bodyguards, GARVIAN also construct bespoke security systems, covertly turning a home into a fortress. We work closely with a small team of architects to improve homes or rebuild them from the ground up.

As technology advances, so do our systems and tactics. To keep our clients security systems relevant, our research is ongoing and we are constantly developing, innovating and testing new technology.

Garvian research includes:

  • CCTV monitoring systems.
  • Panic rooms.
  • Access control.
  • Window/shutter guards.
  • Locking systems.
  • Safes.

GARVIAN assist local businesses and community programmes by increasing safety and security knowledge to its employees and members, based on facts and experience. We are currently working on Anti-terror related programmes.

Garvian has supported:

  • Residents.
  • Expeditions.
  • Public safety knowlege.
  • Local businesses.
  • Public figures.
  • VIP events.


London Community Support


Garvian are proud members of the London community, although we do not use it as a marketing platform, we accept a social and moral responsibility in assisting with London safety and support programmes.


2016 London crime figures have risen 3.5% (approx 25,000) to 749,930, which equates to 2,054 crimes per day, almost 2 crimes every second. With the MET being required to save 800M by 2019 force services could drop by 43%, combined with the current 3.5% rise GARVIAN predicts crime including terrorism to rise as high as 21% by 2019.


Free accessible safety guides


We have introduced a series of self help safety guides aimed at assisting the public to overcome both common and emergency safety related issues.


LIVE SAFE is an ongoing project, we aim to not only give general advice, but specific guides and manuals as global threats unfold. We feel it is our social responsibility to ensure the guides remain free and up to date in order to reduce the effects and impact caused by rape, abuse, kidnap, theft, violence, terrorism and espionage.

PROJECT LIVE SAFE was developed to enhance the safety of our clients by upscaling their personal securite. After a warm reception and a rise in threat state, we made the decision to offer the guides to members of the public who may not be in a position to invest in security.

Garvian safety guides include:

  • Escaping a hostage scenario.
  • What to do in a terror attack.
  • Uncovering hidden truths.
  • Overcoming abusive relations.
  • Ensuring your families safety.
  • Staying safe abroad.

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