Close Protection


We cover a wide range of areas within protective security, our consultancy team to help assist and guide you through the process of building an effective security solution.


We offer a unique protection service from covert asset protection and Surveillance officers to street teams and bodyguards deployed in advance pending your arrival, or arrival of your assets at a set location. From advanced Reconnaissance to the diploment of static teams on the ground we can ensure you and your assets have the very best possible protection.

Residential security isnt just available for country estates or manor houses, but for anyone who feels they have a need for a security team to protect their home 24/7. GARVIAN has many years of experience protecting our clients homes, offices and property from potential threats.

  • Bodyguards
  • Female security escorts
  • Residential security
  • Corporate security
  • Asset protection
  • VIP/Dignitary protection
  • International travel


Private detection and observation


Our surveillance operatives based in London conduct tasking’s from matrimonial to fly tipping, insurance fraud to copyright infringements.


We specialise in all forms of surveillance and counter surveillance, our teams consist of both male and female operatives which affords the best possible results as our female operatives can access areas which our male operatives cannot or may raise suspicion by doing so.

We are recognised as one of the most successful team's of private investigators currently operating and our results have contributed to the success and growth of our operation. We are always available to discuss your requirements and place great emphasise on ensuring total confidentiality

  • Tracking & Locating
  • Protective surveillance
  • Information gathering
  • Background checking
  • Situation intervention
  • Evidence collecting
  • International travel


Security and medically trained drivers


GARVIAN's unique protective transit solutions include the skill sets of Close protection security drivers, chauffeurs and medical drivers combined into one.


GARVIAN security drivers are often used in conjuction with other security solutions to compliment security teams or as a lone driver, with a skill set that offers more than your professional Chauffeur. Our Security drivers are available anywhere in the country and at short notice. We supply BMW 7 Series LWB as standard, however drivers can also operate your personal vehicle .

Trained in advanced driving and with experience of pursuit and evasive/defensive driving gained from specialist military training. GARVIAN Security drivers hold a Level 3 Close protection Licence and a first aid certificate.

  • Bodyguard Drivers
  • Tier 2 Medic Drivers
  • Surveillance Drivers
  • Security Drivers
  • Ex Military Chauffeurs
  • Female Drivers
  • International travel

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GARVIAN is a firm of 300 protective security specialists, hand selected from the British Military, to serve across the UK and all seven continents


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